Naat Radio (Urdu & Punjabi Naat Transmission 24 Hrs.) courtesy (Waqas Mir)

Aslaam o Alikum Brothers and Sister?

Who is "Ishaq-e-Rasool Allah (S.A.W.W)" ? Alhamdulillah we all are I thank Mr. Waqas Mir for such a nice radio service which is 24|7 Online Free of Charges and provides you all with Most beautiful Urdu & Punjabi Naats. I have worked out to allow people to put his Great Tribute of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on their website! Please do not forget to Donate something to him for keeping the service UP! and Active and make it more better (Click Here to Donate)
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Quran Flash (New Version)

Here is another New Version of Quran in Flash Attractive easy to read and navigate (Surah List on Left) Remember Last Position Good Zoom Technologoy Better Experience Responsive with Audio Player and Looper Bookmarking and Better page quality! Please do add it to your website and offer readers to be more closer to Allah... Have a Look Inside to this AMazing Quran with Several Options!
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Amazing Flash Quran Reader (700x1000 px)

Here we have an Amazing Flash Quran Reader with simplest of Code. and alots of Features Different Editions English Arabic Urdu  and More... Backgrounds Zoom Simply Create New Page in your website and embed the following code.. better to keep the background black it will go nice with the FlashQuran further more I provide two codes here .. the Second one is with rounded corners if you are going to embed it on pages with light colour it will look nicer

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Audio Quran Player!

Here we have a Simple Beautiful Green Quran Player in English and Arabic Simply Copy Paste the Code & Your Quran is ready !! Select Recitor & Surah and It Plays it  Simple Code Fast Working!!

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Mp3 Quran Player [All Reciters] & [Translation]

Aslaam o Alikum!

Got an Islamic Blog? Why not embed a Quran Player in It? It Includes a lots of Reciters and English & Urdu Translation also! Its Fast! Its Simple to embed So..
We have here got a really nice responsive Gadget for your website/blog .. to Play Glorious Quran Anytime in a Minute! See the Widget in Action Down Live Demo.

 Its Limited still you can not change the colour/highth etc. I'm working on it Inshallah Please share this with others.. It has got a simple code see down...
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